Travel partners BizAway helps the ECL take flight!

The European Cricket League (“ECL”) is proud to announce it has chosen BizAway as the Official Travel Partner for the new Champions League of Cricket in Europe.

BizAway is a cutting edge travel technology company, headquartered in Europe and helping make life simple for business travellers and corporate clients.

“The ECL needs to fly over 140 of Europe’s best cricketers and officials from the 2018 champion clubs to La Manga Club, Spain. This is a major logistical effort, which takes perfect planning and travel itinerary management, that’s where BizAway has come in and helped make our life simpler.” said Daniel Weston, founder of the European Cricket League

The players, coaches and officials from the Champion Clubs of Europe who are competing in the ECL will be flying from major cities in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Russia to Spain.

“The European Cricket League is now the destination for the Champion Clubs of Europe, and as BizAway we are proud to work with the ECL to take them there and watch which club will be crowned the “King of Europe!”” said Luca Carlucci, CEO of BizAway.

BizAway has taken control of the bookings and itinerary through their extensive knowledge and digital platforms to optimise the Champion Clubs travel plans.

Daniel commented, “The most important piece of carry-on luggage in European Cricket is soon to be the ECL winners trophy. I know BizAway can help us get the trophy to La Manga, but then after the ECL, I’m not sure yet which club BizAway will need to help to fly the trophy safely back home with!”

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