What is the European Cricket League (ECL)?

It is the Champions League of European cricket. Teams who win their domestic leagues are invited to the ECL to see who will be crowned the Kings of European cricket.

How do I play in the ECL?

Join a club and find your team in Europe, then win the domestic league.

Full details of Player Eligibility can be found in the Document Library.

What countries are featured in the ECL?

  • Dansk Cricket-Forbund (Denmark)

  • Association Française de Cricket (France)

  • Deutscher Cricket Bund (Germany)

  • Federazione Italiana Cricket (Italy)

  • Koninklijke Nederlandse Cricket Bond (Netherlands)

  • Federatia Romana de Cricket (Romania)

  • Cricket Russia (Russia)

  • Cricket Espana (Spain)


Will the ECL be adding further countries in the years to come?


Is the ECL recognised by the International Cricket Council (ICC)?

Yes, the European Cricket League is an ICC approved event, which is sanctioned by ICC Member federation, Cricket Spain.

Are the ICC official partners of the event?

Yes, the ICC are the Official Anti-Corruption Partners of the ECL.